Housing Policy Action Guide

Helping housing and community development practitioners strengthen their enabling environment to support equitable housing development. Use the menus on the rightabove to navigate the key sections and their parts in a way that suits your needs.

This guide equips community development practitioners with strategies for creating more just and equitable public policies that help advance your work. We look closely at how to select the appropriate policy tools, bring decision makers on board, and communicate effectively with the broader community to achieve your goals.



Why does public policy matter for equitable community development?


The Building Blocks

What policy tools will help me achieve my goals?

Building Blocks

Public Policy Decision Makers

Who are the decision makers and how do I get them on board?

Public Policy

Public Policy Communications

How do I change the narrative to ensure a win?

Public Policy Communications

Formulate Your Comprehensive Strategy

What policy tools will help me achieve my goals?

Comprehensive Strategy
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